About the 2×50 Challenge

The 2×50 Challenge is a challenge to myself. I started it when I realised I hardly photographed anymore. My hobby had succumbed to the busy daily hussle of life. A trend I don’t specifically like, so I deceded to change it. How? By developping a new pattern that will make photography a permanent part of my life again. That is why I set myself the goal of publishing 1 photo every week for 50 weeks. The photo has to be taken that week with my DSLR camera with 50mm lens. I might edit colors, but won’t crop my photo’s. In addition, each photo is accompanied by a mini blog. So no website full of stunningly hip people or the most beautifull places on earth. But images from my daily life. Hopefully they are giving you a surprising perspective every once in a while. I wish you a lot of fun following my humane adventures!