Week #1
Whoop, a Rejection!

This week I had to deal with a disappointment, I received a rejection. Let me explain how this turned in to a ‘whoop whoop’. I applied for a place in the 3×50 Project in October: 50 hobby photographers publish 1 photo a week taken during that week with their 50mm lens. A super cool initiative from HeelHollandFotografeert.nl. An initiative that I dearly wanted to join because I would like to make photography a permanent part of my life again. Once I used to make nice photos about every week. However, the motivation to take has since dwindled due to various reasons. After a great photo workshop by Rob Turk of Foto-Workshop.nl I realized once more how much I like photography and how much I miss it.

So what do I do if I want to build a habit again? I look for a way to make sure I build this new habit and the 3×50 Project seemed to be that. There was only one problem, there were 120 registrations for 50 places. In addition, there were so many suitable candidates that there was no place for me. Therefore I received a rejection. So I had to deal with a big disappointment.

“A thousand different ways to reach your goals”

Fortunately, my Ynnovate mantra is: “if something doesn’t go as planned, just realize there are a thousand different ways to reach your goals”. I also firmly believe in the (somewhat tweaked) principle: “If one door closes, at someplace else a window will open”.

Soon my thoughts tumbled through my brain like a nest of young kittens. Why wait for the new year to start? So I can mourn my already broken good intention on blue Monday just like everybody else? Do I need the website of Heel Holland Fotografeert to display my photos? No, not necessarily. Working on a website to get it up and running isn’t that difficult. Am I in need of the support of an experienced photographer? Uhhh no!! I have my family, friends, acquaintances, acquaintances of friends and friends of acquaintances, (former) colleagues and the whole world wide web that I can ask to be my support! Extra fun fact: I can immediately combine my wish to publish a photo every week with another wish of mine. Which is to practice at blogging.

And that’s how this 2×50 Challenge was born. Starting this week (47-2019), I will publish 1 photo a week for 50 weeks. A photo taken with my Canon 90D plus 50 mm lens and a (mini) blog on the story behind the photo.

“That is cheating”

The photos can be edited in color, but not cropped, that is cheating. Although some of the photography experts will say that shooting with a DSLR with cropped sensor and a 50 mm lens is already cheating. This is because the crop factor of the sensor means that the lens corresponds to an 80 mm lens on a full-frame camera. This technical talk is undoubtedly true, but I don’t have any full-frame money and so I’ll do it with what I have. And that will be great!! Furthermore, I’m no big Photoshopper so I probably won’t mess with my photo’s too much.

Just let’s start with seeing what I can achieve with my new camera and 50mm lens. And you’ll never know, perhaps I will start a new challenge on photo editing after 50 weeks ;). We’ll come to that bridge if and when we’ll come to it.  For now, let’s first celebrate this party for the next 50 weeks.

“Language is so not really my thing”

Will it all be awesome photos? Probably not, I’m learning and therefore making mistakes. But only falling kittens end up on their paws so I won’t lose any sleep over that for now. Will all blogs be equally long, humorous, technically super correct and true language art pieces? No, I’m sure they won’t be. Language is not really my thing and since English is not my native language. But I won’t lose any sleep on that one either. As long as I have fun and I am satisfied with what I achieve, it’s okay by me. And when I even seem to be able to entertain you and other people who visit this photoblog, the better.

“So I proudly present”

So I proudly present my new initiative: my 2×50 Challenge. I’ll publish a photo every week for 50 weeks. The photo is taken in that specific with my digital SLR camera plus 50mm lens and will include the story behind the photo. Will you join me on this adventure? Of course I would like to hear what you think of the photos. What should I have done better? And just as well what you think is great about it. This, of course, also applies to the attached mini blogs.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would help me by sharing this site, 2x50challenge.com, with family, friends, acquaintances and (former) colleagues? After all, you are my support network. Would you like to see and read every week what I have ‘wrought’? By following me on Instagram as @2x50challenge and visit this website weekly you help me to bring this challenge to a good ending and make it a gargantuan success.

“Thank you so much for your rejection”

Oh and Mischa van Heel Holland Fotografeert, thank you so much for your rejection on my application. Otherwise I would never have started this great challenge with myself! I hope you don’t mind me piggybacking on your initiative.

Ps. I took this photo in Amsterdam on the day that I made the decision to start this challenge, claimed the domain name, picked out the template for the website, made the logo and wrote this blog. A busy day with a great result which is worth a little party to me. Therefore, this cheeky mouse with a balloon as a kind of celebration of the birth of this challenge.

Duly noted, please be aware of the fact that this is probably the longest blog of all 50 weeks… just to manage your expectations.

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