Week #2
Polka Dot & Louboutin

When I was young, I occasionally dreamt about beautiful designer clothes. When I was 6 years old, I fell in love with the Polka Dot. The pattern with the nice sized (white) circles on a black, white or colorful background.  I got to know them through Minnie Mouse. She was apparently a big fan of them and wore them regularly in the cartoons. Unfortunately, the Polka Dots weren’t in fashion when I was 6, so no nice dresses with Polka Dots. I did have some dresses with dots, but they weren’t the real thing. What a pity!

About 26 years later, when I was 26, I fell in love with the Louboutins. The beautiful sexy pumps with red soles which are copyrighted by the fashion label Christian Louboutin. These shoes were starring in the TV-series Sex and the City of which I wouldn’t miss one episode. Therefore, I couldn’t do anything but fall in love with those beauties. And although those shoes were hip and happening right then, and I had ‘sole custody’ over my wardrobe, I didn’t buy those wonderful shoes. Simply because I couldn’t afford them.

“Made for splashing around in mud puddles”

How happy I am right now with my wellies which I proudly wear several times a week. They have nice white on black circles. Okay, they don’t have red soles, they are no Louboutins after all. However, they have nice red insides! Additionally, they are weather-resistant and can handle cold winter mornings as well. Moreover, they are made for splashing around in mud puddles.

And you have to admit, that’s much more fun than wearing nice but uncomfortable high heeled Louboutin shoes and a Polka Dot dress in which I feel very uncomfortable. On top of that, I would be constantly worrying about breaking the high heels or staining those beautiful, but oh so expensive shoes. No, I’m better off wearing my nice Polka Dot wellies with red insides. In which I happlily, like the little child I sometimes am, look for the next mud pool to jump in while I walk my dog.

So much for youthful dreams vs. adult truth. For now, I like my adult truth very much and stamp happily along in my polkadot wellies with red insides! 

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