Week #3
Behind the Scenes

Last Saturday I was in Amsterdam Zoo Artis with a friend. I really love taking pictures of animals although most of the time I don’t have enough patience to get the perfect picture. During our walk I suddenly got an unexpected sneak peek behind the scenes of the chimpanzee enclosure. A red and orange room with cheerful red, yellow and blue painted chairs in the otherwise fairly dark chimpanzee enclosure. Pictures of chimpanzees with their names and what presumably are their dates of birth were hanging on the wall. On the left a large refrigerator with nice snacks, medicines or maybe something entirely else. On the radiator lies fruit waiting to grow ripe and an employee of Artis is tidying the room.

“Mega fascinating and awesome”

This picture doesn’t portrait a particular spectacular image. Nevertheless is ‘a sneak peek behind the scenes’ for me a magic concept. I always wonder how they’re getting things done. What are their plans? What is being discussed? Is everything going according to plan? Which plans don’t succeed even though it doesn’t show? What are they doing to fix this? Because of course the show must go on if nothing wrong has happened. I’m one of those people who loves those Zoo behind the scenes series and I won’t skip any of the behind the scenes documentaries of the movies and series I love. And, did you know that if you watch Planet Earth or a BBC series alike until after the credits, there’s most of the time a short behind the scenes? It shows that it sometimes takes years to shoot certain scenes. Mega fascinating and awesome. 

“What gives ‘behind the scenes’ it’s magic?”

The big question is, is what makes me such a fan of behind the scenes stories of documentaries? What makes it magic for me? Maybe, it’s in realizing that, just like for me, their world isn’t perfect. In realizing they have to work hard and persevere to make their dreams come true. That I can learn from what happens. Maybe in the fact that it simply helps me to stick to my own plans and dreams because I know it is hard work for everyone. So, it is not the reality behind the scenes that is magical for me. But this world behind the scenes offers me the magic insights that will help me to keep dreaming and to keep fighting to make them come true!

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