Week #4
It’s a Mad World

It’s a mad world. I have thought this several times this week. A few times related to some serious news on the impeachment of Donald Trump or the re-election of Boris Johnson in the UK and the related Brexit. But don’t worry, this won’t be a serious blog about several though and serious political statements.

A Wall-Banana??

Because luckily, I have had the same thought: ‘It’s a mad world’ in relation to the wall-banana. A Wall-Banana?? Yes, last week a banana was duct-taped to the wall by an artist. This piece of art was sold for 120.000 dollar. A day after the auction another artist ate the banana and after this action the gallery put a spare banana on the wall. Hilarious. And that’s not the end of the story. The gallery had to be safeguarded because of the huge number of visitors who came to see the artwork. So much so that the gallery had to remove the artwork because of the serious health and safety hazards posed by that the large crowds. Yes, the world has gone crazy.

“Pretty crazy”

Luckily such an action provides a lot of creative energy. Soon, various variations of this artwork circulated on the internet. For example, Heineken taped a bottle of beer on the wall, Domino’s used the gray tape to attach a piece of pizza to the wall, and I also have seen many things taped to a wall like some meat, a Frisian sugar loaf, a fry from the Burger King, a LEGO-banana and many other objects. I have even seen a variation on the well-known painting ‘The Creation of Adam‘ in which duct tape and a banana were brought together. Would you like to be inspired yourself to a piece of genuine banana or duct tape art?

Please search the internet for #Bananaart and you will get many examples. And it turns out, not only people I don’t know felt inspired, my colleagues also had an artistic moment. I call it “The Wall Banana in Mirror Image”. Yup, I regularly think the world is mad. But if I don’t look for any deeper meaning for a moment, then this banana action feels comfortably crazy.

PS. Did you see any other fantastic variations of the wall banana or made your own variation based on the wall banana? Then let me know in the comments of this page. That way I can at least laugh over this crazy world we live in.

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