Week #5
The Experiment

This week, I could have chosen a photo of the Merry Ynnovate Christmas Breakfast or a shop display full of Christmas decorations. But I didn’t. I choose ‘The Experiment’. I like to be a little rebelious every once in a while and why publish a picture of something of which the internet is already full to the brim? Aside from that, I thought the experiment was a good fit: this whole challenge is an experiment and within that experiment I can start new experiments. Do you still get it 😉?? 

“Not a fortuneteller glass ball”

I bought a glass ball. No, not a fortuneteller glass ball. I haven’t seen me winning the New Year’s lottery of the “Postcodekanjer” (a Dutch lottery on zip codes). Neither have I seen me living happily ever after. It is not a fortune-telling thing in which the future is revealed to you in vague terms. No, it is a sphere in which I see the present. But from a different perspective.

I started the experiment with a lens ball. A solid glass ball without bumps or air bubbles. It is a tool you can use to shoot creative photos. Ok and what else do I need for an experiment? A plan, well a plan…. The experiment was started fairly impulsively. A dog, a garden, a camera and a lens ball. Oh and not to forget, nice weather. Otherwise I keep wiping those raindrops off the ball. And so, somewhat unprepared, I started the experiment. And oh boy, that was not too smart.

“Four hands would have been much more convenient”

Entering unprepared experiments is not really such a good idea. I teach that all the time during the courses I give. An good experiment, needs a good preparation in which you think about location, the goals you set and the variables that you have to take into account. But me in my impulsive mood had forgotten that. Not too smart as I said before, because how do I juggle my camera without a strap and my fragile glass with only two hands? Really, four hands would have been much more convenient! What point of view do I choose for my camera? Where do I put that ball on? And how do I ensure that it stays clean? The ball, not the camera or the dog…

About the dog… Oh how do I make sure that this cutie is being cute within the reach of that ball and is not just behind me defending our garden against allegedly super dangerous cyclists… Terrified heads in the background and in the foreground a dangerous looking dog with the drool is flying around, shot through the lens ball and thus upside down. Maybe a funny image, but not necessarily what I had in mind. And I think the cyclists think it isn’t funny either.

“An upside-down dog’s ass seemed to be the only successful photo”

The dog turned out to be curious and thought the ball was fun to sniff and oh, it rolls!! That’s nice! Uhm, let’s disagree about that. The lens ball rolling from the chair onto the street results in a damaged glass ball at best, and I predict that that will not make me happy … It seems the glass ball has some predictive gifts anyway 😉. For quite some time, an upside-down dog’s ass seemed to be the only successful photo. Funny too, but still not what I had in mind.

Fortunately, my boyfriend was there to help me out and after some coaching words to the dog she took a little more distance from the lens ball and I got the nice photo you see on top of this blog. Is the photo exactly as I imagined or planned? No, it isn’t. It does not seem completely horizontal. Not completely sharp and because of the nice weather you see the sun reflecting in the lens ball with annoying light areas as a result. Finally, the camera was still at ISO 3200, which means there is unnecessary noise in the photo. Thus, I can say there’s more than enough room for improvement.

“The experiment has failed”

Does this mean that the experiment has failed? No, it has not!! I am very satisfied. It taught me a lot. I will buy a standard for the lens ball and a nice camera strap. I will try again when the sun is not shining so bright. If I choose to work with my dog, I will ask boyfriend to coach her. And not unimportant, I also refreshed some knowledge: before starting, check your camera settings and adjust them to the weather and the subject that you want to photograph.

I predict (I can’t resist it, sorry, I call it the glass-ball-effect) that many more experiments will follow, because I really enjoy learning by doing. The fact that this was not my only experiment this week proves this. All the dishes I made for the Merry Ynnovate Christmas breakfast were an experiment and they were delicious! Are you planning on experimenting in the kitchen this Christmas? If so, have fun and I hope you are slightly better prepared than I was during my lens ball experiment. I’m wishing you successful experiments and may the dishes be an unprecedented success! I wish you a Merry Christmas and please let me know whether your (Christmas) experiments are successful!

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