Week #6
Tetris Challenge

I always disliked Tetris. I just can’t handle the increasing speed of those blocks. It really makes me crazy! It seems as if my brain slows down as the blocks fall down faster. And since I didn’t see any advantage in getting better at it, I didn’t even try.

However last year I started to appreciate the game when suddenly everywhere pictures of the Tetris Challenge started to show up. I liked that one. What is in a fire truck or even a fighter jet neatly laid out on the floor and pictured from above. We even thought about whether we would do a Tetris Challenge of our Ynnovate facilitation kits at work. We haven’t done it, maybe next year. But now I unexpectedly did a Tetris Challenge myself …

“I had the ‘pleasure’ of being ill”

I needed something. Because I had the ‘pleasure’ of being ill (for the first time this year). Ill during the Christmas holidays.😢 So this was a week in which I was not healthy enough to get out and had no inspiration for photography. But it isn’t a 2×50 Challenge for nothing and I wasn’t expecting it to be easy all the time. So what do I do when I am sick except for sleeping an being bored? I read a lot if I don’t have too much of a headache. And the book written by Kevin Weijers based on ‘A Complaint Free World’ by Will Bowen had been waiting for me for a while. Thus, I started and finished book in one go. I had plenty of time for that now 😉

“Important lesson”

My most important lesson from the book combined with a week of sickness during Christmas? Don’t complain and certainly not about something you can’t change. So I just enjoyed the fact that I truely had time to be sick. I didn’t have to arrange a replacement for a training or innovation sessions, great! It also gave me enough time to read all the books that I still wanted to read, I didn’t eat too much and too unhealthily at Christmas, I didn’t suffer during boring social obligations (although I have to admit, I never have such a problem) and I enjoyed being taken care of. Maybe it is even kinda nice being sick during Christmas … Although I don’t recommend it since I do know better ways to spend my free days.

Finally, it even encouraged me to take on Tetris. The Tetris Challenge that is… And see above my Tetris Challenge of my week of illness.

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