Week #7

Nostalgia, according to the ‘Dikke van Dalen’ (famous Dutch dictionary), means: wistful affection for a time past. This definition sounds a bit sad to me. I had never realized that this was the meaning was so sad. For me the word nostalgia has a more positive sentiment, it has to do with happy memories, but without the wistful. It’s the pleasure of thinking back to happy times and sometimes even relive them a little. Like playing a game of yatzee (yahtzee) on a sunny evening with friends. While drinking glasses of lemonade on the patio in the garden.

“Nostalgia and Vintage are hip”

For me the word Nostalgia has a bit to do with the word Vintage. Which according to the same dictionary means as much as: Objects that are fashionable again due to their old appearance. I always thought the objects had to be old as well, although the definition doesn’t mention this. But maybe that’s just my reality. And last year I noticed the nostalgia and vintage are hip and trending.

For example, weird Trump supporters long for the 1950s. However, this doesn’t seem to be a compliment for this trend. Luckily there are also nicer examples. Second-hand stores are totally hip. Furniture and clothes getting a second life: vintage, nostalgic and good for the environment! Nowadays there is a lot of attention for living a environmentally friendly life and that’s a good thing. Albert Heijn (a big Dutch Supermarket) also responded to the trend of nostalgia. They were giving away free plastic houses with the groceries. Not specifically good for the environment, but pretty droll.

“Only one new years resolution”

Last week, when I was visiting dad and bonus-mom, I noticed where Albert Heijn had the idea of their plastic village. My parents had no Christmas tree, but two cupboards full of a cute winter scene. Small houses and dolls with lights and fake snow. Good for the environment, because it does not cost a tree and the houses and fake snow are reused every year. This winter wonderland is nostalgia at It’s peak for me. I have many fond memories of this little winter wonderland. Allways there when playing a nice game of Cluedo or Rummikub with my family.

This cute winter wonderland also has a vintage edge, because some houses are already old. Apperently my dad and bonus-mom are unexpectedly hip. Something you probably wouldn’t notice when you see them walking down the street. But that’s okay. It’s nice to know that everyone can surprise you in a positive way when you really get to know them. Another nice side effect? When I was visiting them, I was able to enjoy a nice portion of nostalgia, with nice memories that remind me of the good old days. So right at the start of the new year I have set myself only one new years resolution: to make loads of good memories so later on in life I will be able to remember with nostalgia.

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