Week #8
Gloomy Day

What a gloomy day! Something every Dutch person could say when they arrive at work. Dutch people can always talk about the weather. Therefore, the weather should be te subject on this website of at least one blog ;). The weather was a bit gray this week. We had one day with blue skies. Unfortunately, I was stuck inside all day that day. Fortunately, there are beautiful winter flowers around this time of the year. Those shrubs that enthusiastically show you their beautiful flowers when the rest of the world appears gray and dark. Walking through my garden, I also came across such a (too early) winter bloomer on a gray day. A flower called Helleborus or Hellebore. 

Despite all the gloomy day, forest fires in Australia, bombings in Iran and all other terrible things currently dominating the world news, this flower blooms with enthusiasm. Not in a ‘see me standing in de spotlight’ kind of way, but very modest. In white, mauve or, as in my garden, cream with mauve edges. Yet you can’t miss it if you have an eye for it. And if you see it you can but enjoy it. I wish everyone a nice (proverbial) Hellebore or other winter bloomer on gloomy days. So, if you look for it, even that gray day has beautiful moments.

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