Week #9
Mornings in Pastels

I love them, those mornings in pastels. These mornings you can make beautiful photos. Those are the photos you take during “The Blue Hour” or “The Golden Hour” in the morning (or evening). And throw some fog in the mix and it’ll get stunning!

“The Blue Hour”

The Blue Hour” is the moment that the sun is just below the horizon. This means that the sun is just not up or just down. During this moment, only the blue wavelengths of sunlight reach our eyes because the wavelengths of other colours are absorbed by particles in the higher layers of the atmosphere (such as Ozone). This results in a world in blue hues.

“The Golden Hour”

The Golden Hour” is the moment that the sun is just above the horizon. So right after sunrise of just before sunset. The light of the sun travels a long way through the atmosphere before it reaches our eyes. This makes the light soft, the blue tones scatter and since the sun is clearly visible, everything gets an orange or red glow.

If it is a clear day, the blue hour and the golden hour occur every day. During cloudy days, they’re probably there as well, they’re only less obvious. Both, the blue hour and the golden hour don’t last an hour. The blue hour is often over in about 10 minutes. The golden hour often takes a little longer, but in The Netherlands, it usually lasts about 45 minutes.

“Golden Rainbow”

Fun fact: if you see a rainbow during the golden hour, it’ll only consist of the red, orange and yellow bands. It is smaller, but often stands out more against the steel-grey rain clouds that cause rainbows. I have never seen a golden rainbow myself, but I keep on hoping.

Right now, I thoroughly enjoy the fact that the sun does not rise that early. I’m not really an early bird and catching the blue and golden hour in the summer is as difficult for me as learning a cat obey to commands. Nearly impossible and only within reach if I make serious efforts. 😉

“Morning Mist in the Mix”

If you add a little morning mist to the mix during the blue or golden hour you’ll get mornings in pastels. They look like a very gifted painter (some call him our creator) has indulged in playing with pastel crayons and has given us a very special gift. Incredibly beautiful! The golden edge on a fairly boring season in the Netherlands.

So as soon as it is a clear day, I am glad to walk the dog in the morning. And that traffic jam during rush hour? Bring it on! It gives me the opportunity enjoy this beautiful hour of the day. In short, do you have time in the morning or during the evening? Go for it with or without a camera and “hunt for” the blue and golden hours. Have fun!

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