Week #10

This week I was at ‘De Fabriek’ in Leeuwarden and there it was, a shiny vintage Pinball machine. I am from the time of the first game consoles and I remember it like it was yesterday: my father had bought a game console, I was about 7 years old I think. An Atari, probably a 2600. I loved that game with those two bats and a ball. Shortly thereafter Breakout followed. A game where you had to break down a wall with a ball and a bat. When the game computers a little further developed – think like commodore 64 – we also got Snake and Pinball. The latter in particular, I still love.

“A real Pinball machine”

A friend of my parents had a real Pinball machine. And there was a time it stood at our place for a while. It felt like a party, having that machine at home. But oh boy, what a noise that thing made. My parents were considerably happier with the digital version, at least you could turn down the sound. That’s not possible with such a big beast, of course. After all, it is not only the ball that makes noise, but also the mechanisms of the cabinet itself. Yet those real big pinball machines remain soooooo cool! As soon as I enter an arcade, the first thing I look at is whether there are Pinball machines.

“Something that makes me happy”

And then there was one last week, in the office jungle. In an old assembly factory from the end of the 60s of the last century. This factory is now used as an office building. Which is something that makes me very happy al well by the way. There he stood, an old Pinball machine with the name Cabaret from the end of the 60s of the last century. Yes, those old factories are very cool and often photogenic. And yes, I have many more pictures, but the during the 2×50 Challenge I can only show one photo a week. That’s why I made a choice: something that makes me happy – a Pinball machine – in something that makes me happy – an old factory that has been repurposed -!

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