Week #11

Balance is an important aspect of life. Wet and dry: if you get too wet, you’ll drown, but too little water won’t make you happy either. Light and dark: too much of one or the other and you sleep badly and have no energy for anything. And it’s important to realise that this tipping point for balance is different for everyone.

One person needs order and the other needs chaos. And I often see this happening at my job at Ynnovate. There we challenge participants of the training or sessions to think creative and innovative solutions to tough problems. That is quite difficult if you are stuck in your daily habits. And please, don’t think you’re not a person bothered by habits. We all have them, which means that a good portion of creativity is needed to let go of them for a moment. Something that not everyone experiences easy or nice.

“An awesome Compliment”

Recently, I received an awesome compliment. Whether I wanted to help with something. For that person, the way in which I maintain order and structure, while also stimulating chaos and creativity, is just about right. It gives the person in question confidence that I challenge everyone to dig just a little further and look for the real problem or solution. And that’s what was needed for this case.

I realize very well, the balance is just fine for her while for others there is just too much chaos or perhaps too much order and structure. Balance is after all very personal. And especially this is important to be aware of. What is suitable for you and like-minded people is “too much or too little” for others. As soon as you’re aware of this, you can consciously choose to adjust something in your behaviour, or not …

“Yin Yoga”

I am also always looking for that balance. One of the things I do is attending my weekly Yin Yoga lesson at my cousin’s Yin Yoga Maddy. This photo was taken in her Yoga Studio. Yin Yoga is a fairly passive form of yoga that is aimed at relaxing connective tissues and joints. You hold on to the poses (asanas) for a long longer time (up to 5 minutes) and in doing so, you search for your limits while staying relaxed.

It is a Yoga that helps you listen to your body. Something that is needed more and more nowadays. We all recognize these situations: you have to cope with problems or you are working on nice plans for great initiatives. That all happens in your head. With Yin Yoga you learn to listen to your body and thus keep the balance between head and heart. When you achieve that, you will find that what your heart feels, strengthens your head in its decisions. This way heart and head reinforce each other to form a strong combination.

“No Yin without Yang”

But no Yin without Yang. Which are, by the way, not so much opposites, but complementary elements. They need each other and with a good balance they reinforce each other. That means that in addition to balance between head and body, I also have to look for balance between physical relaxation (Yin) and exercise (Yang). Yes, that means sports!! So it’s time to translate my words to deeds now and step on the rowing machine after I finish this blog. Because my body feels and my mind knows it’s good for me. Although my “lazy-me” character is half-hearted. So much for balance …

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