Week #12
Ugly or Beautiful?

Ugly or beautiful? I have asked myself this question several times last week. Monday, I was in The Hague. A city where I left because I was done with it. I thought the city was ugly, grey and too busy.  Although I sometimes miss the beach. Last Monday was the first time in a while I was back and took some time to wander around. Loo and behold, I found some beautiful spots again. After all, it seems I probably didn’t think the city was ugly, I was just bored with it.

“Steel plant, very ugly!”

I also had to be in Ijmuiden later in the week. Because I had to be there at 8 ‘o clock in the morning I decided to go there the evening before and stay over. When planning my route, I could choose, through the city or along the North Sea Channel. Then you pass the steel plant at the other side of the Canal. Very ugly!! But at night it is actually very beautiful as well, with all that light. 

And yes, I know it is not good for the environment (ugly), but yes, I drive a car with steel in it and have all sorts of other things with iron as an ingredient. The tricky thing about iron is that it doesn’t come out of the ground just like semi-finished products, so it has to happen somewhere. Then it better be here in the Netherlands where the rules are strict (beautiful).

“The weather: ugly of beautiful?”

Finally, the weather today: ugly or beautiful? Your first tendency may be ugly, but this weather also has its charm. With this stormy weather I miss the beach a bit extra. High waves that crash on the light house of Scheveningen, the still dry sand that blows over the otherwise wet beach and thus gives the beach a soft-looking (but viciously biting) blanket.

The gray sky and strong wind that seem ugly, but if you look closely, the sky is not homogeneous gray but contains the most beautiful colors and shapes. Stormy winds which seem annoying, but what could be nicer than lying in the wind, chasing the leftover autumn leaves  with the or just enjoying the space that the wind gives and the change it brings. Even ugly weather is beautiful.

My lesson for this week? Always look for the beauty in something that initially seems ugly. Just look a little longer and you’ll discover something of beauty. Then you see that all things ugly have a nice side, and sometimes more than one!

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