Week #13
Play at work

During an intake this week I found out they play at work in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. There they founded the Lab XL. A place where professionals from the social domain can play. But not just play, it is about inventing and trying out innovative solutions for persistent problems. So it may be seen as play at work.

A place where it is allowed do your work outside of existing structures and really think and work outside the box. No steering committees, action plans of more than 20 pages or bulky communication plans, but just start doing, start experimenting. And this provides much insights. Apart from employees, partners and customers quickly knowing whether a possible solution works or not and why, it also teaches the professionals a new mindset and new skills.

And of course, these experiences aren’t contained to the Lab, they spill in the day to day reality. And how nice is that! In addition to many new insights, this also provides an enormous amount of energy and fun. And that fun radiates from this cool wall painting. A mural that invites people to participate and research together, experiment together, learn together and together find practical solutions to persistent problems. A place that invites professionals to play at work together. 

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