Week 14
Vibrant Colors

When I look at my website, I don’t see a lot of photo’s with vibrant colors. That doesn’t mean I don’t make that kind of photos. It only means I usually don’t choose to use them for this photo blog. For me it is important to be able to tell a story along with my pictures and apparently often my stories are accompanied by photos with a little les vibrant colors. Yet this week I opted for a photo with vibrant colors, well vibrant… They are at least complementary and have high contrast.


And I learned a lot about high and low contrast this week. I was with at a workshop with translates roughly to -Pure at the Print- by the Levenskunstnaar (artist of life) Esther Ardon. A day dedicated to yourself, resulting in great photos of yourself on your social media, your own website or whatever purpose you have for them. During this day, image stylist Regine ter Braak told us about clothes and image. She explained that people themselves also have a contrast. That means the contrast between skin color, hair color and eye color.

People with a high contrast in their face can also wear clothes with a high contrast. People with a face with low contrast would do well wear clothes with a little less contrast. Which doesn’t mean that you cannot use colors with a low contrast. But use somewhat more ton-sur-ton. The latter is possible with different shades of (bright) pink as well by the way!!

And it turns out I have -in the winter, when my hair is not blonde from the sun- quite some contrast in my face. That means that I have a reasonable room to play with color in clothing. How cool is that! That’s why I decided to try out of my comfort zone. So, I tried what bright pink in combination with black and copper(!) did for me. And hey, guess what, it looked great and was fun too!


Does that mean that from now on I will go through life as a bright-colored-clothing-confetti-bomb? Ohh hell no! That’s not who I am and thus won’t feel right for me. But it does mean I sometimes will choose and combine clothes with just with a little more guts. Hopefully in the end with just as much guts as the world-famous spy has in the movies and of course I hope I will look just as smart. And this 007 that gave me inspiration for my blog this week. Or rather the 007 on the spare hood of an old 2CV at a dealer in old Citroën vans. Which I saw at Pure at the Print.

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