Week #15
Too many to choose

The meteorological spring has started today. However, the Dutch spring has already started last week. On a beautiful Tuesday I walked through Utrecht on my way to the StormHonk, the Ynnovate location. I lingered along my route since everywhere I saw nice things to capture on my photos. A walk which normally takes me no more than fifteen minutes, now took more than half an hour. And when I looked at the photos, it turned out I liked most of my pictures. So which photo would be my choise of his week? Help I had too many to choose!

“Choosing is difficult”

Choosing is difficult, we Ynnovators know this for a fact. And apparently everyone chooses in a different way. But in the end (almost) everyone uses his gut feeling to choose. I know, now many of would like to tell me you make your choises solidly based on criteria and arguments. Believe me, I used to think so too. At my last job, I made criteria overviews with weighting factors that everyone had to fill in independently. And although the same came out for everyone and rationally and the arguments were tight like glue, at the end, the choice always led to discussion. Since in the end, it always comes down to that gut feeling.

“I know myself a little by now”

Another nice example from my own life. You will have noticed that I like to photograph;). When I would like to acquire new photo “stuff”, I start by reading a few articles in magazines. Next I’ll go to a store to be able to see things ‘live’. Once ready for the real purchase, I open a website for example pricewatch. I fill in the various criteria and look at the top 3 results.

And suprise, surprise… – or actually not, because I know myself a little by now – if my preferred camera of the moment is not listed, I adjust the criteria until it is. Then I wonder if the concession I made to get the camera in question has unwanted consequences. If the answer is -not really- and nine out of ten times that’s the answer, I will buy the camera I already had in mind. Just a matter of gut feeling.

“100.000 arguments”

That’s also the lesson I try to teach during the Ynnovate training. Are there any choises to be made? Don’t let your ratio get involved too much. Because it makes the process so much longer, while often, you have made the choice already. That’s exactly how it enrolled when I accepted my job at Ynnovate. I was asked and my gut feeling saidL Yes !!! This is what I want!!!.

However, then my ratio entered the stage and all the questions came: do you want the uncertainty of a young commercial company, earn less, much less daily contact with colleagues, regularly super long days and loads of traveltime, etc, etc, etc. It seemed as if I – and everyone around me – came up with 100,000 arguments why it might not seem like such a wise choice. In the end it was all about two things. Can I continue to pay my bills and do I like this job? The answer to both was a full-hearted -yes!- and so it came to be. Looking back, it was the best choice I could ever have made.

“A season with a too-many-to-choose-syndrome”

So, the stress that comes with too many to choose, is actually something we bring on ourselves time and time again. This also happened when I was looking at my photos this week. And although it was probably not the photo that my family and friends would have chosen, I already knew it at the time that I snapped the picture: This is it, this will be the photo I’ll use! However, I almost jumped head on into the stress of too many to choose. Fortunately, as always, my gut feeling eventually prevailed. No new-wave-hippie-stuff or hours of meditation, but just gut feeling. 

Therefore, this week I present: A bright blue bicycle tire at a black rim on a wet sidewalk with a reflection of the bike and the blue sky In a puddle. An image that is really Dutch to me. A Dutch spring. A season which also suffers from the too many to choose syndrome: too many kinds of weather… Is it going to rain, storm, freeze, hail, snow or are we having nice weather? Let’s hope it will hop along with my gut feeling. So pretty please: some nice sunny weather with some nice sweet rain showers once in a while so we can hop on our bike quite often!

Would you like to know what other photos I could have chosen this week? Then follow my Instagram account @ 2x50challenge. From this week on, I will share the photos that are cool, but that didn’t make it to my fotoblog, with you.

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