Week #16

In the past, going to the zoo was really like starting an adventure. You went there looking forward to seeing different animals. Animals with a long snout or long neck, animals that were very small or have a strange beak, very colorful animals or strange scales. And sometimes with very large and dangerous teeth and claws. And if you combined searching these animals with a real treasure hunt, the adventure was utterly awesome.

“The awe that these little ones feel is contagious”

Last week I also felt adventurous. Yes I went to a zoo (again). Although I have to admit the adventure felt a bit less impressive than when I was small. But it is still it loads of fun. Especially, if you can experience the adventure through the eyes of others and in particular the youngest among us. All oh’s, ah’s, look daddy’s and come on mom’s are rapidly fired around you. And, how wonderful, the awe that these little ones feel is contagious.

Because if you are in their shoes, the zoo is one big adventure. An adventure in which, more than before, the animal enclosures mimic real life nature as much as possible. Great for the us spectators because this is beautiful, and for the animals as well. Since they have to live in it day in and day out. And then, standing in front of a huge glass wall of an aquarium, with a number of huge sharks, you suddenly feel small again.

“Or even a little fear of the unknown”

For a moment you feel what the adventure of something new, big and unknown meant. A nice tension, a decent portion of curiosity and secretly also a bit of awe or even a little fear of the unknown. But wow, you how alive you feel during an adventure. Seeing, learning, hearing, smelling, feeling new things. Immerse yourself in “the different”. Trying the limits of your own comfort zone and getting the most out of life.

And that’s why a Camper comes into my life, a way to immerse myself in adventures. To see new things, meet other people and get to know new sides of life. This year, a new period begins in which I embark on an adventure. Gathering enough inspiration for loads of wonderful photos and nice stories. Are you joining me on my adventure?

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