Week #18

The news is dominated by the Covid-19 virus and it makes me grumpy. Fortunately, there are also things that make me happy.

“Birds sing their sonata”

For example, our garden. During the hardship of social distancing it really makes me happy. In the garden you can clearly see that spring has arrived. Everywhere small green leaves pop out of the wooden branches. A fresh green mist surrounds the forest behind our garden. The birds sing their sonata with fervor while the wind plays with the delicate pink petals of the cherry flowers. At the back of the garden, the Clematis ‘Snowdrift’ presents her slender white flowers to me. In addition, Photinia Fraseri ‘Red Robin’ is decorated in fiery red attire of new glossy leaves. A little further on, the winter heather is enthusiastically blooming in white, even though the winter seems to have ended its firm grip on the wheather. It is already twice the size of last year.

“A brave evergreen”

On the other side of the garden, the Viburnum Bodnantense “Charles Lamont” gives it’s all with bundles of small white-pink flowers, although this plant deserves a good pruning after flowering to get it a bit fuller. A great job if you can’t really go outside and have interaction with other folks. In addition, the blue and white flowers of the (dwarf) Periwinkle can be seen everywhere, a brave evergreen that spreads to cover the ground which blooms pretty much all year round. Furthermore, there are many plants getting ready to show their flowers such as the Skimmia and the Viburnum x Carlcephlum that are full of flower buds. As athletes who are ready in the starting block, they are ready to bloom. It won’t be long…

“A belated birthday present”

But what I like best is the flowering bulbs that come out. Until this year we did not have them in the garden. Last fall I got them as a belated birthday present. We carefully buried them in the ground next to the pond and around the cedar. A protective layer of soil that nourishes and protects against the cold around and over them. One species a little deeper than the other. Then we had to wait! Would they start growing? Yes!! Right at this moment, small tulips and daffodils are blazing in the sun. Their cheerful colors bring me joy amid all the sad news. And all the while, thick bumblebees buzz happily from flower to flower.

“The concert of nature emphasized by the silence of the traffic”

I currently walk in my own garden every day enjoying everything that grows, flowers, sings and buzzes. I am looking forward to the promises that nature makes and enjoy the fresh air. Strolling through the garden, listening to the concert of nature emphasized by the silence of the traffic makes me feel grateful. I am relatively healthy, live in a place where toilet paper is still available and have a detached house with a beautiful large garden in which the tulips bloom. Yes, those are things that make me happy.

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