Week #19
50 Shades of Green

Working in the garden: a garden with 50 shades of green. This week was already the second week in the so-called corona quarantine. And what to do to combat boredom and stay fit? Start some weeding.

“Enthustiastically raise their heads above the black soil”

We have a garden of approximately 500m2. An estimated 2/3 is a nice green lawn with some daisies. The other third of the garden are borders with mostly perennials. Last week I described how – partly due to the mild winter and early spring – many plants are already blooming. But not only the desired plants grow quickly. The plants that I have not asked for enthusiastically raise their heads above the black soil as well. And since I the woods start at the back of my garden, there are many.

“Sore Bum”

This requires action! And because I work from home now and thus, have been sitting at my desk too much and therefore have a sore bum, I have resolved to do some weeding every day, the weather permitting. In this photo the first of two wheelbarrows, full of mainly nettles, bishop’s weed and blackberries. Which I will keep on battling, for they will resurface within about four weeks despite removing quite some roots. Perhaps it would have been smarter to cultivate these plants, after all, they all yield edible parts.

Oh well, it keeps me off the streets and that is exactly the intention during this corona crisis. So that’s why I enjoy that which the 50 shades of green that the garden, including al it’s weeds, brings me. It creates distraction, keeps me moving and keeps me out. So, the theme for the coming days will be those 50 shades of green.

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