Week #20

Congratulations, people said to me several times last week. In fact, a dear family member of mine even said “congratulations on the arrival of your little one.” A little one?? Uhm little… with barely 7 meters long, almost 2.9 meters high and 2.3 meters wide,  I wouldn’t use the word little. What it is? Some of you may have guessed it already. We have a camper!

“Just travel to the end of the world”

Another step towards our dream: just travel to the end of the world. Just wake up every morning and decide right then and there what to do the rest of the day. And we’ll see where we end up. Although this dream seems far away right now, despite the arrival of the camper. All borders are closed due to COVID-19 and even in the Netherlands we’re not welcome in many places.

“I’ll have to lose weight”

Fortunately for us we will be customizing our “home away from home” for some time. Of course, the dog and cat will come along. But where do we store their food so that it’s accessible but not taking up to much space? Where do we feed our animals? How do we ensure that the items don’t slide around in the cupboards. What do we take with us and what not? And not unimportant, what does it weigh? The camper is not allowed to weigh more than 3500kg including us people, animals and luggage. Quick conclusion, I’ll have to lose weight 😉

“It’ll probably be in our own backyard”

Once we have our second household complete, we will first spend the night somewhere close. We planned to go just over the border in Germany or maybe near our own hometown along the river Vecht. If something doesn’t work or we can’t figure it out, we’ll be right back home. Well, it’ll probably be in our own backyard with this corona crisis 😂, somewhat hilarious I must admit.

That’s why I say to myself: congratulations!! Again, one step closer to making my dream come true: traveling around for several years to where-ever the journey leads us in our “home away from home”.

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