Week #21

The rainbow, a sign of hope. After all, the rainbow is created when it rains and the sun shines at the same moment. It’s a sign that despite the enormous rainstorm you’re in, there is hope for some sunshine. When one sees a rainbow, some people hope for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. For others, it is the hope of a society in which their gender or preference for gender is accepted as normal.

“Dum spiro, spero”

There are also different sayings associated with hope. A good example is: as long as I breathe, I hope. That is one of the translations of: Dum spiro, spero. A Latin saying attributed to Marcus Tullius Cicero better known as simply “Cicero”. He lived about a century before Christ and was a Roman orator, politician, lawyer and philosopher. Additionally, this is the motto of different places, organizations and families as well. It is even the motto on the great seal of the American state of South Carolina.


I know this saying from the tattoo my boyfriend has on his arm. A motto that helps him through during his worst bouts of depression. Therefore, it’s an important motto for me as well. A motto that nowadays has an extra meaning. All the travel plans we had, are on hold. But that seems not that important. There’s something much more terrible happening right now: a lot of people literally have trouble breathing with this terrible c19-virus. With that, hope is hard to keep up. Yet there still is some for them and their loved ones as long as they breathe. And remember, where there’s life, there’s hope…


The rainbow in the photo is not caused by a rain shower, but by the sun and the rim of a glass mirror. It’s an example that a rainbow is also a scientific phenomenon which states that a rainbow is the result of the refraction of light. And that science is currently the hope for many. Hope that soon, a medicine and a vaccine will be developed with which we will be able to treat or even prevent this terrible disease that is currently raging all over the world like a thunderstorm. I just hope that science will get hold of the door handle in the picture and open the door to a world where we can live save from this c19-virus… although I don’t think it will ever vanish.

“I breathe and thus…”

I hope, against my better judgment, that this c19-crisis will be over relatively quickly and that I won’t get it or have already had it in mild form. I also hope a good working medicine and a vaccination will be developed soon and that everyone who is affected – in any way whatsoever – will recover quickly. I hope we learn much of this time together on the importance of being together and that we learn how nice and important giving support can be. Even when it comes to small things like staying at home. I hope that everyone’s dreams come true, even though it may be in a different way than originally hoped for. Because I breathe and thus I hope.

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