Week #22

Playing with LEGO, daisies and my camera. Playing in the garden while the sun is shining and the sky is bright blue.Playing while lying on the floor with my stomach and the grass between my toes. It is quarantine time and because I’m going nowhere, would like to stay creative and the weather is beautiful, I head for the garden. There, I look at the world as if I am in the movie ‘Honey, I shrunk the kids’. I just feel like being a child again. No worries, no corona, no grown-up stuff.

Just some playing in the sun and pretending I’m somewhere else. That’s a wonderful way to escape the daily worries. And it’s easy to achieve, you don’t need anything special, you’re your imagination. I can recommend it to everyone! So lovely people…. I am playing outside for a while, racing snails, making a daisy crown and maybe there will be a towel fort this week. The weather is good enough. Bye!

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