Week #23

This week I present: a shadow! A shadow from a wine glass in the sun. It contains water. Apparently I drink water “in an upperclass manner”: from a wine glass 😊. I don’t have whole stories with it, but some stray thoughts.

“No shade without sun”

Like there is no shade without sun. And that shadow emphasizes the sparkles the sun creates. The glass and water in it bend the rays that pass through it. Each in their own way. These rays are like the stories we tell: bent by our own glass, our own perspective. They are like our own truth. And I won’t start talking about whether the glass is half full or half empty. Or just refillable 😉


What also strikes me is that the shadow was not black but blue. Apparently, a its not always black as it’s often depicted or experienced. Its above all darker than the rest of its surroundings, but rarely it has the same intensity and color everywhere. That shadow is also seen from our own perspective and tells something about our own truth.

“King’s day”

Finally, part of the shadow seems to form a crown with sparkling lights like diamonds around it. And what a coincidence: it will be King’s Day tomorrow, the national celebration of the king’s birthday. And therefore, It seems very appropriate! So, I continue enjoying the sun, my water in this beautiful glass, the shadow it casts and the sparkle it gives. * Cheers * to a perhaps somewhat weird but happy king’s day!

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