Week #24
Under Construction

Under construction, could be a sign standing in front of this LEGO structure. And this seems to apply to my own life as well. At first I thought the sign for my life would be ‘Taking a Break’ at the moment. What else could it by when I just sit at home and cannot leave if it is not really necessary. Yet ‘under construction’ seems more appropriate.

“Rubber band”

Not in the least because even in the end, when we are allowed to meet eachother again, probably nothing will return to the way things were. Certainly not if this covid situation is going to last for a while. Even we don’t have to stay at home. It’s just like a rubber band that has been on tension for too long. It jumps back, but never returns exactly to the shape it started out with.

“Over stretched”

I think that’s how it will be for everyone to a greater or lesser extent. And since I don’t want to be an over stretched rubber band, it means I’ll have to think on what I want and can do. So I’ll have to research, experiment and build. Of course with enough time in between for relaxation: finally build my delayed Christmas present – the Harry Potter Castle in LEGO.

“Two pouches a day”

And because I don’t want to finish too soon and enjoy it well, I only build a maximum of two pouches a day. My own development is also taking small steps. Not exactly two pouches a day and it will probably take much longer than building a LEGO castle. But if I have made a decent step again, I will be a proud. Just like after finishing my LEGO castle.

But for now we are -Under Construction- the LEGO castle and me. And with great pleasure.

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