Week #25

Freedom seems to be the theme this week. This word buzzed in my mind like a bee for at least 5 of the 7 days in this week. Starting last Monday, May 4th. The day we remember everyone who died during their fight for freedom at 8 p.m. It started with the commemoration of all who fought and died for freedom during the Second World War, but it still continues. Military personnel are still stationed abroad, where they sacrifice themselves for freedom. Often not even yours or mine, but the freedom of the country where they are. Or at that’s the intention at least.

“The rebel and the creative spirit”

That evening our King gave a beautiful speech. For the first time, I think he felt some form of freedom when speaking. Maybe because he really believed in what he said and he thought it was super important that his message got across. What really stuck with me: do not make something “normal” that is not. And that’s not what I perceive: every organization is currently thinking on how to make the 1.5 meter society the new normal … That makes me sad. I understand that it is still necessary for the time being. But I refuse to consider this the new normal. In fact, the rebel and creative spirit in me is waking up. How can we ensure that we all stay healthy without 1.5 meter??

“A silent tear”

The second day with the freedom theme was of course May 5. The day we celebrate our freedom. Yet it was not a fantastic day for me. Despite the beautiful weather, the (relative) freedom we have and the fact that I and everyone around me is healthy, I felt sad. A silent sadness of which I cannot trace the cause. No reason, just a silent tear that rolled down my cheek and a heavy, empty feeling that did not want to disappear. I had two choices: Pretend to feel really happy or take the liberty to just be sad for no reason. I choose, of course, the last.


The third day that freedom turned out to be a thing, was the day when I started working on packing the camper as a ‘creative break’ while working. I secretly call the camper my -big freedom-. The why of this will become clear later in this blog. Our plan to travel at random around the world with the camper is getting closer one day each day. How wonderful, to daydream about waking up in the morning and having the freedom to decide what to do that day. Away from all the perceived pressure and/or stress of the world. Just do what you feel like doing. What a freedom, to be able to make plans to experience the (for me) ultimate feeling of freedom.

“The day I married my boyfriend” 

The fourth day was May 8, the day I married my boyfriend. We have been sharing happiness and sorrow for 18 years. And now we finally said yes to each other for the rest of our lives. And I’m happy that we live in a country where you can choose who you marry. Man with man, woman with woman, man with woman and all the other combinations that I don’t think about or are aware of at this moment. That is also freedom. We married without a large group of party people around us, but with only our witnesses present. That suits us better and so we took that freedom.

“The roaring beast comes to life”

The fifth and last day that freedom was buzzing around in my mind, was today. I finally got back on the motorbike. And I feel such great freedom when I turn the key and the roaring beast comes to life. The wind in my face, the roaring of the motor filling my ears and my mind on the road ahead. My thoughts on all the things I have to of should do, slow down and an enormous grin pulls up the corners of my mouth. It is wonderful to feel the freedom on my -little freedom-.

In this week’s photo the camper, my -big freedom- and the motor, my -little freedom- together. It’s just a matter of actual size. I’ve enjoyed what was, enjoy what is and will enjoy what still comes. Unlike earlier this week, my mouth is still smiling and the lights of pleasure are dancing in my eyes.

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