Week # 26
Right time

I took this photo at exactly the right time. A bee in full flight on the way to delicious nectar and pollen from a flowering Rhododendron. The body of the bee nice sharp. The wings seem invisible because they move too fast.

“Woolly pollen balls”

I really enjoy the garden right now because the Rhododendrons are blooming! White, pink, purple and red. Only yellow and orange Rhododendrons are missing in our garden. The Rhododendrons are in the back of our garden under a row of trees on the edge of the peat ground. Just the right conditions for Rhododendrons and they really like it there. Blooming Rhododendrons mean the garden zooms. Solitary bees such as the tawny mining bee eat a lot of the goodies that the flowers have to offer. Honey bees are buzzing about it and various bumblebees roll themselves in the sticky pollen until they look like woolly pollen balls.

“Or I had practiced enough”

I can sit and watch for hours. Also, I can keep clicking the camera for hours, hoping to take a photo at the right time. A photo in which both the flower and the animal are sharp. And sometimes I succeed, then I am in the right place at the right time. Have I set my camera correctly and a cute zooming fluffy ball with wings does its best to get the best pollen or the best nectar from the flower.

I was lucky this week. Or I had practiced enough 😉. I took the photo at the right time. So please enjoy!

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