Together you’re Strong

Together you’re strong, I thought when I saw this flower screen of the Ninebark ‘Diable D’Or’. A flower screen consists of many small flowers, each with their own pistil, stamens, petals, calyx and stem. But those stems converge at one point on the trunk of the plant.

The nice thing about being a flower in a flower screen is that you don’t have to be perfect. If one of your leaves has folds, you have one stamen less or a piece from a petal is missing, no one will notice. Because you are part of something bigger, of the flower screen that everyone sees. Together you shine and smell wonderful to attract butterflies and bees. Thus, together you’re strong!

It’s a bit like being part of a team at work. If you are low on energy, you don’t feel very well or you just have an off-day, that’s okay. Because together you stand strong and you still show what’s important for your team and want to work for. If you are open and honest with each other and know about each other’s ‘damaged leaves’, you will still form a super beautiful flower screen and you’re strong togehter.

I wish the world lots of beautiful beautiful flower screens!

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