Week # 28
Lifelong learning

Lifelong learning is important to me. My learning style is mainly characterized by learning by doing. That means that I often just start on something and then halfway through I decide I want to learn about the theory. At work I am working on a project concerning the developing of the Ynnovate Year Challenge. A playful way to improve your skills as an Innovator based on the Innovators DNA as described by Jeffrey H. Dyer, Hall Gregersen and Clayton M. Chistensen in the book Innovator’s DNA.

“Having fun”

But that turns out to be more difficult than expected. That is not so much in setting up a platform. There are different providers of these kind of platforms nowadays. And coming up with assignments isn’t the difficulty either. We are very experienced in developing assignments at Ynnovate, so that’s easily done. But how do you encourage people to use the platform and more importantly, to and keep using it and having fun using it!! Because continuing to use it helps with lifelong learning, which in turn contributes to a more innovative public sector.

“Messing around”

After some messing around and experimenting, it is now time for me to put my motto “lifelong learning” into practice. But how?? That’s my big question. I like interaction and being present live during a training or course. But that’s a bit complicated in this period of COVID-19. So, I ended up at Penn University’s online course at Coursera. A gamification course taught by Professor Kevin Werbach on how the elements of games are combined with elements of psychology, strategy, technology and design to learn lessons and new habits in real life.


Learning through Coursera alone is part of my lifelong learning process. Watching and listening to a gentleman who recorded a training about 8 years ago. Films that don’t include any kind of updates and interaction except the occasional question that you can answer for yourself. Not my thing, I have found out I really miss the interaction. And I find that extra weird when you give training in gamification in which interaction and the whole experience is so important. But apart from that, the principles are interesting and are still up-to-date despite the age of the course.

“Elements from games”

Gamification does indeed touch what I am looking for: how do you engage people in a fun way to participate in something, to create new habits. And how can elements from games help with this. Of course, it only covers the basics. But if it tastes like more, I can always go on, there is also one more MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on this subject from Erasmus University via Coursera and Stenden Hogeschool gives a twe year Master program in Serious Gaming. So enough possibilities to continue learning on this subject.

“Under Construction project”

Mabey this turns out to be a nice subject for my project Under Construction. It complies with ‘lifelong learning’ but also contains elements that I find important in my work, such as creativity and the five skills of the Innovators DNA – which I consider to be of paramount importance-. I disovered I’m curious about the psychology and sociology behind gamification and serious games. And I wonder how you can apply them without people feeling bored out or without feeling used in a marketing stunt.

“Gamify garden maintenance”

Anyway, I am only at week 2 of 6 and today I have set my course place in the garden. On the photo was my stage for today. I can imagine a harder setting for lifelong learning 😉. By the way, I wonder if they can gamify garden maintenance … that would make a garden of this size a lot easier to maintain for me 😂

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