Little Mystery

An abandoned toy car: a little mystery. While driving along little country road, I see a few houses along the side of the road. On the other side is a mill on the other side. Diagonally opposite the mill is this small abandoned red and yellow toy car. How lucky am I to pass by twice that day. Oce on the way to my destination and once on the way back. Luckily the mill has some parking spaces which allow me to stop. This gives me the opportunity to photograph this little mystery on my way back home.

“On a Cable”

Why a little mystery? Well, why is this toy car left by the side of the road? Didn’t anyone want this car anymore? Did the little man or woman who drove it no longer want to? And did the parents leave the car (temporarily) as a lesson? Or is it on the side of the road to give other small children the chance to use it? But if that’s the true, why does it seem to be on a cable?

“Fading Colors”

Why is the car not in a garden where small children’s voices happily chatter? Or on the beautiful lawn near the mill? A mill where 2 different families with ‘toy car age’ children stop in a quarter of an hour. They stopped to take a look at the mill. And while being there they enjoy the sun on the picnic benches alongside the mill. Why is this car standing there in sun and rain, slowly losing its colors which fade like memories sometimes do?

“Especially for me”

Maybe the toy car is there especially for me. Not to drive, but to catch my attention as topic to photograph while I wonder why it is there. Just because I love the occasional little mystery to unleash my imagination.

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