Week # 30
Whoohoo, it’s Raining!!

Whoohoo, it’s raining!! This, I’ve said already a few times today. And who would have ever thought that I – sun worshipper of the first age – would say that. What?! Say?? I mean jubilate.

“This wet mess from heaven”

Yes, it is much too dry in the Netherlands. And however it has rained in nearly all of the Netherlands, it remained dry and humid warm here in north-east Overijssel. Not my climate, and not good for nature and our the vegetable patch either. That is why I regularly did a (virtual) rain dance in recent days. Ohh how I longed for this wet mess from heaven.

The rain barrel was empty again, and requests were coming from everywhere not to use too much tap water. Also, the groundwater isn’t inexhaustible and peat settles when it gets dry. That last is not good the plants and therefore critters small and large. But neither is it good for many of the houses in this region, because they will sag.

“Because raindrops are fun and sometimes wonderful things”

And of course, this one hour or two-hour rain shower is not enough to replenish the groundwater. Yet such this little downpour made me incredibly happy. And not only because it is good for nature, but also because raindrops are fun and sometimes wonderful things. (Although the exception to this is of course if you need to go somewhere and don’t want to arrive like a wet dog.)

They make patterns along dry surfaces, give stripes, take sand from the Sahara or pollen from a tree and deposit it at your windows or car. Raindrops can be acidic and dissolve stone. Raindrops breaks light, creating rainbows or showing the world upside down. And so there are probably enough things that I don’t know about raindrops that are just as wonderful.

“While I fall in love with all those silly water drops”

Who would have thought that I – a fan of a partly clouded sky and about 24 degrees centigrade – would be cheering: Whoohoo, it’s raining! While I fall in love with all those silly water drops and look at the world upside down.

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