Week #31

Contrast… Some are no fan. They are more of a tone-on-tone type. They love a harmony in color or a harmonious gathering of people. And honestly, I prefer the latter too. Sometimes I jokingly say that I am as conflict-averse as the plague. But in color, textile and even architecture I like a bold bit of contrast.

For example, the glass pyramid in the Louvre in Paris. One emphasizes the other. Both are less impressive to me than they are together. The sleek glass emphasizes the classic castle that is the Louvre. And the classic of the castle, emphasizes the clean lines and transparency of the pyramid. And I like that.

“They need each other to show their best”

Similarly, my photo from today. In contrasting colors. A bright red poppy against a beautiful green background. I’m convinced that the green would never have looked so vivid green with without the red. And the red wouldn’t have been as lively red without the green. They need each other to show their best.

And I believe this principle of contrast applies in human relations. Of course, it is nice and safe to have all the same types together. But both the individual and the group only will be really beautiful when there is contrast between different personalities. If they are so different, they form a contrast, they will stand out and augment each other.

“Who wants to be my contrast?”

In the world of colors, they call the colors with the highest contrast – complementary colors. Contrary to what you might think with a high contrast, it doesn’t mean they clash and stand face to face. Okay, yes, they do stand face to face in the wheel of color, but not in life. They are complementary to each other.

If you apply this principle on people and their personalities, those personalities, which really do not seem to be alike, that have a high contrast, are complementary to each other. They complement each other and make each other stand out. Together they are more than alone. Together they are exciting, beautiful and certainly not boring.

And people who truly are complementary to each other, are so different that they emphasize each other’s beauty. How wonderful is that?! Who would like to be my contrast? So we can shine, sparkle and fizz together 😉

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