Week #33

Highway, amazed I read the meaning of this word according to the Dutch Dictionary ‘De Dikke van Dale’ (something like the Cambridge Dictionary). Highway: the digital (or: electronic) highway the total infrastructure, necessary to be able to communicate digitally worldwide (via the internet).

Would they mean here that there are two meanings of the word Highway? The first being a road that only serves for fast traffic a.k.a. motorway. And the second being he described digital highway? If so, the colon is used here in a different way than I am used to. I would expect them to use a numbered list as they normally use explaining words with multiple meanings of uses such as the word – stick -.

“Does the digital highway supersede the normal highway?”

Is the digital highway nowadays so much more important than the normal physical highway that this translation has been supplanted in the Dikke van Dale? This seems to be the case and maybe they’re right. After the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, after all, there are hardly any traffic jams on our physical highways and the digital highway is the most important way to get in touch with each other and to visit each other virtually.

However, as the rules become less strict around COVID, you see that more and more traffic jams are slowly emerging. Which makes me curious about how we can maintain the good developments that this pandemic certainly had, such as the amount of traffic jams and the positive effect on the environment. But suppose we all get stuck in traffic jams again, would the original definition of highway come back as real official meaning, with its own number in a numbered list? I’m just curious…


Anyway, that was a sidetrack that I didn’t really want to write about today. It just came on my path. So back to my actual topic. Last year I drove about 45,000 km, many of which were on the highway. There I regularly encountered special transports. Some were those transports that leave me in awe, like the transport of a blade of a windmill. Whoaaa, they’re huge! Or just funny transports, such as that of the country fair with all brightly colored carts.

This week we had to go to the west of the country for the first time in ages for the wedding of my bonus brother Bob and his Eva. Sure enough, there was another one. Such a special and fun transport. This time from a beautiful old classic red bus, painted with gold letters.

“Discover the something special in something ordinary”

I didn’t miss the traffic jams and the many hours in the car in the past six months. But without knowing it, I secretly missed these special transports a bit. Those little special moments of enjoyment at the most unexpected moments when you are on the road. Something that shakes you up for a moment. Figuratively then eh!! Something that challenges you to always stay observant and to discover the something special in something that just seems very boring and ordinary.

Hello world, I am happy that I can be on the road again a little more often. Looking for those inspirational moments in the usual things on and thus, make everything special. Nice! Additionally, that this is possible on both the real highway and the digital highway, makes it twice as nice!!

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