Week #34

I love butterflies. It started when I was a child. The butterfly garden in What is now Wildlands Emmen and in Diergaarde Blijdorp were my favorite spots and if I saw a butterfly in the garden you couldn’t make me happier.

“From caterpillar to butterfly”

And I still love butterflies. One of the reasons is the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly. How fascinating is that!?!? How can it be that you are first a caterpillar with a lot of legs that eats a lot of leaves (which sometimes is very annoying). Then you spin yourself into a cocoon, there you grow wings that you “inflate” as soon as you crawl out of your cocoon. And then you are a beautiful and special butterfly.


Another reason is the color. Some butterflies have only one color, others are have many colors arranged in nice in geometric forms or curls. They try to deter predators by large colored eyes on their wings or they fold their wings so that all the color disappears, but their protective colors are enhanced. And whatever variant they are, I like them all. Even moths that have no use for bright colors, but are often have beautiful designs on their wings.

“UV light”

A third reason is that butterflies see UV light. So they see more than we do. Although more … at least they see things differently than we do. Their world has an extra dimension. One that helps them find food and recognize each other. I have seen pictures of how flowers and butterflies appear in UV light and that makes them even more beautiful. Both the flowers and the butterflies…

“Floating on the wind”

The last reason I love butterflies so much is the way they flutter through their life. They float on the wind, very gracefully from flower to flower. I understand that that is not always nice, since heavy rain on their delicate wings is not nice. And headwind with such sails on your back as they have will probably not be fun. But when I see them, while I sit in the garden with a glass of wine and a book, they look super graceful and cheerful.

How nice it is, then, that the butterfly season has started. And that we have several butterfly-bushes in the garden. I am ready for these multicolored creatures to float by. That is in one word: wonderful!

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