Week #47

From 3 to 11 October I was in Skulleskogens National Park in Sweden for the coaching journey of my life. And optimistic as I am, I took my camera along. Unfortunately it started raining at day 2 and didn’t stop much. It’s a pity my camera isn’t waterproof and the coaching excersises were quite time consuming. Therefore the camara stayed in my bag voor the rest of the journey. So I present you this picture, taken during the breakfast at the first day in nature. Our view at the Gulf of Bothnia from our campfire.

And although even during heavy rains the nature in Sweden is stunning, I would love to return on sunnier days. But it has to be during autumn, since I love the colours of the different trees during this season. Additionally the mist gives the nature so much extra depth and mystery I wouldn’t want to miss.

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