Week #48
Metallic Purple

Yes, I really do have metallic purple berries in the garden! Apparently nature can be very ‘funky’. Lilac small flowers appear on the Callicarpa Bodinieri ‘Profusion’ in summer. Not an enormous flower load, but delicate lilac flower screens of which the stamens are larger than the flowers themselves. You would look straight past them. However little remains of this modest attitude in the fall.

“Like true 60’s or 70’s garden ornaments”

Because in autumn the most beautiful bunches of metallic purple berries appear. Okay, the berries are only small, but because of the large amount they are not to be missed. As true 60’s or 70’s garden ornaments, they shine funkily in the garden. And because they are not very popular with the birds, they keep me happy during a long time. Which makes me very happy this year since I am in lockdown due to CoViD and thus walk the garden several times every day … That means that I can enjoy it even more this year!

“Funky plant”

And that’s not all. The leaves on this shrub discolor in autumn just like the leaves of many other plants. But this plant does not do this inconspicuously. The leaves turn very beautiful orange-yellow with, yes, purple leaf veins and edges. What a wealth, such a funky plant in the garden with such an enormous autumn splendor.

“That says more about me”

So please never let yourself be fooled into thinking that something is not special or beautiful. Take a good look, from a different angle or at a different time. Because maybe you’ll find something or someone not at their best or your perspective does not do justice to the subject in question. I have never had that, in the end, nothing beautiful could be found about something or someone, although I sometimes needed some (somewhat hard to find) patience to discover that. And that in turn says more about me than about the object, the situation, or the person I’m looking at.

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