Week #49
Metal Beasts

I have a family of metal beasts in the yard. Once bought for little at the well-known knickknacks seller Acétion. And they make me happy every time I see them. Even now that they are a bit older, they get rusty here and there and their eyes shine a little less vibrant in the evening. I don’t care. All the dents and rusty patches only give them more character and make me like them even more.

Just like with my metal beasts, it is pretty much the same with the people around me that I love. We are all getting older, at least that’s what I hope for, because with CoViD there are no guarantees. So we’re going to squeak and creak a bit more, we’re a bit rustier, and our colors are changing. But that doesn’t make us any less beautiful. In fact, I can only enjoy them more.

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