Week #50

It’s autumn. A season with beautiful skies, mushrooms and coloured leaves. It as well the season of letting go (of the old) and saying goodbyes. This turned out to be a theme during my coaching journey almost a month ago. It was time to let go of things. Not always easy, but important if you want to continue yourself. And that what makes letting go quite nice. It provides room for new opportunities and new initiatives.

“A photo for 50 weeks”

And now it’s time to let go of this challenge for the time being. It’s week 50 and there’s a picture of autumn: a beautifully colored leaf of our red weeping beech against a beautiful blue sky. I took a photo for 50 weeks with my SLR camera with 50mm lens, whether or not accompanied by a (short) writing.

I made it, in a time that was really different from what I anticipated. Not loads of beautiful cool locations where I often came for my work, not many exciting landscapes that we would have liked to visit with our campervan. But a 50-week diary of sorts limited largely by corona, self-quarantine, and staying at home. Thus, many pictures of the garden and immediate surroundings. Also beautiful, but certainly different than expected.

“New challenge”

But don’t worry, I’m already thinking about new challenges that I can publish at this website. And there will be plenty of opportunities, because what this period teaches me is that our plan will certainly continue (not that there was any doubt about that). After all, you never know what the future will bring, so you better take advantage of the opportunities when they arise and spotted. Your plan? I hear you think… Yes, our plan: travel with our campervan until we are done or have to get working for a living again.

“Freedom and Insecurity”

Such a plan gives freedom and therefore also some uncertainty. So much freedom that it almost scares me. And with that, there’s freedom in choosing a new challenge as well. 2 x 50 is 100. 100 photos of countries? 50 countries, each with a photo of the most beautiful place we have seen (50 beautiful places). 50 x 2 photos of abandoned buildings, 50 folktales, each with their own photo (50 photos), 50 different churches in 50 different cities. The possibilities are endless.

But before we embark on our new advanture, it is autumn and I let go of this challenge for now. But don’t worry, I’ll be back next year for sure. And if you have any nice ideas for a new 2 x 50 challenge. Will you please let me know your suggestion in the comments below?

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